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Rebuilt Kingpin, Spindle, Lower Trunion Set

Rebuilt Kingpin, Spindle, Lower Trunion Set

FR 31
Begins E-26874 - trunions have the stops on them – includes 1 turned kingpin, 1 kingpin thrust washer, 1 magnafluxed late spindle, & 1 late trunion – kingpins are built up & turned down to original specs then bushed to fit spindle & lower trunion – shimmed & pregreased (synthetic) – ready to install – includes new grease fittings & dust tube kit – kingpin, spindle, & lower trunion are all bead blasted & primed – (Total Core Charge – $375.00) (kingpin – $150.00 – spindle – $75.00 – lower trunion $100.00 – kingpin thrust washer – $50.00)
Note: – only as supply of late spindles are available – all spindles & kingpins will be magnafluxed on return to us before core money is given back – the core charge could be prorated/non refundable if your kingpin or trunion is extremely worn & takes more machine work and / or are unusable – be sure to keep the kingpin/spindle/trunion together as we send them – they are fitted to match their corresponding parts
Fits: 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 Nash Metropolitans

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